I wanted to make a homescreen based around a piece of art, keeping its theme and aesthetic while still trying to make it functional. I chose Wayne Thiebaud's "Supine Woman" as a base, and used UCCW widget to create a homescreen around it.

Launcher: The launcher is the Google Now Launcher. It doesn't let you customize the icons, but that 'Ok Google' function is quite cool. And I use Google Now pretty often, it's useful to have it always at your left instead of holding the home button and swiping up, which is how I used to access it.

Wallpaper: Plain black.

Icons: I downloaded these *.png files from the net, and embedded them into the widget.


Widgets: UCCW widget. If you want to get this specific look, I've made the skins downloadable here (top part) and here (bottom part; don't mind the name).